Since first created in 1918 by Adrien Bourgeat, the company has always specialised in the manufacture of materials and equipment for professional kitchens.

In 1981 the company stopped manufacturing products for the general public and focused on developing equipment for institutional and commercial catering.

In 2002, Bourgeat merged with Matfer to form the Matfer Bourgeat group and offer a range of over 15,000 products to the catering and baking industries.

Today Bourgeat designs and manufactures a range of equipment to run a kitchen in compliance with standards on hygiene and hot and cold meal distribution. From the kitchen to the dining room, Bourgeat's expertise is there to preserve the taste of the food prepared while ensuring the utmost respect for food safety rules!

Bourgeat is the "metal" industrial core of the Matfer Bourgeat group and has expertise in four main technologies when working metal.

Drawing and cutting, spinning, flow turning and sheet metal work. These four main techniques are supplemented by expertise in welding, polishing and assembly.


14 hydraulic presses from 60 to 600 tonnes and 16 mechanical cutting presses from 5 to 400 tonnes. Production of series from 100 to over 500,000 pieces.

Principle : Metal deformation by exerting pressure.
Benefits : Technique applicable to all metals. Deep drawing with vacuum annealing. Large dimensions (volume 1 to 200 dm3).


1 digitally controlled embossing lathe.
4 automatic spinning lathes. Manual or automatic manufacturing enabling metals to be worked in conical and spherical shapes suitable for small series (reduced investment in tooling).

Principle : the metal takes the form of the tool it is worked against. Benefits : production flexibility and work on forms up to 500 mm diameter and 1,000 mm length.


2 flow turning lathes.
Semi-automatic production.

Principle : working of metal onto a cylindrical tool using three heads simultaneously. Benefits : metal working on thick sides and bases, hardened walls, reinforcement of vulnerable areas.


Laser cutting.
Cutting with rotary and plane shearing machines.
Bending and assembly in flexible workshops.
Corner former machine.
A panel bender.
Manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding.
Finishing by emery grinding, polishing, abrasive bead blasting...
Final degreasing to food grade quality.

For almost a century, Bourgeat has been pursuing a policy aimed at meeting its customers' and partners' requirements within a culture of on-going improvement and sustainable development.

The ISO 9001 standard : obtained in January 1994, with a move to the "2000 version" in December 2002, this standard controls product traceability throughout the production chain and provides qualitative monitoring for customers. To do this, operators in the workshops must be trained for the posts and the tools they work with. This training allows staff to operate self-controls.

The ISO 14001 standard : obtained in July 2001, it touches on the key environmental aspects of the company's business. It aims to ensure compliance with French and European regulations in terms of nuisance, pollution and discharges of any kind, with the end objective being sustainable development.

The OHSAS 18001 standard : Obtained in December 2005, it more particularly relates to health, hygiene and safety in the workplace. It aims to continually improve the working conditions of all the company's employees in compliance with regulations.

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