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GN2/1 pan - Deep 40mm - Without handle Maximize

GN2/1 pan - Deep 40mm - Without handle


Reinforced corners and edges to reduce buckling in the event of falls or impacts.
Optimized life-time (thickness from 7/10th to 8/10th).
Reinforced corners : remove the handling problems with racking trolleys and in ovens.
Less effort when handling loaded: limited weight.
No contact with food when handling in bain-marie: adapted edge height.
Easy to clean: by submersion such as in automatic washers.
Removes stacking problems in storage (e.g.: no sticking, space saving) : Upright shape with stacker for GN pans starting from 55mm depth.
Easy grip of containers: when handling (separation of containers, coming out of the oven, trolleys etc.), in bain-marie.
Optimized aesthetics for self-serve restaurants: design of the rib.

  • Format GN 2/1
  • Height : 40 mm
  • L x w : 650 x 530 mm
  • Capacity : 12 L

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