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"Sherpa FC4" heated insulated box Maximize

"Sherpa FC4" heated insulated box


 Made from hygienic polyethylene.
Reinforced corners and edges.
Stiffened sides and top.
Anti-wear skids on the underside.
Large quick closing latch easy to actuate with 1 hand.
Comfortable transport handles on 4 sides.
Identification labels available for cold catering and hot catering versions.
Interior with solid rails, with no water retention zone.
Door and latches easily removable without tooling.
Efficient insulation by means of CFC-free foam.
Perfectly tight closures, even without any seals.
Perfect circulation of the air within the enclosures.
To be used in temperatures between -30 °C to +85 °C.
Secured blocking locks on lateral sides.
The underside features a blocking shape for stacking.

These containers are designed for the transport of food in hot catering and for the maintenance of a temperature over 63 °C. When plugged into a single-phase socket, they can be used as an independent heat containment unit. When not plugged in, they can be used as an insulated box, with the same properties as our hot meal containers. They allow - with or without pre-heating (it is preferable to preheat when transporting small volumes) transportation of hot food with the assurance that foodstuffs will remain at over 63°C for 2 hours. After transportation, the box can simply be plugged in again to keep food at over 63°C for as long as desired.

You are advised to use the lids with the containers to avoid the steam and fat damaging the regulator.

Our insulated containers comply with French standard NF EN 12571 and with the French applicable legislation, in particular the order dated July 1st 1998 and the decree n°2007-1791 which sets the technical and hygiene conditions for the transport of foodstuffs. They can be used for transport over a distance of up to 80 kilometres, with no break of bulk.


  • Space between shelves : 36 mm
  • Exterior l x w x h : Without wheels : 478 x 709 x 632 mm - With wheels : 478 x 683 x 786 mm
  • Overall cubage : Without wheels : 0,214 m3 - With wheels : 0,266 m3
  • Capacity : 0,082 m3 - 82 L
  • Net weight : Without wheels : 21 kg - With wheels : 24 kg
  • Voltage : 230V single phase 50/60Hz
  • Power : 300 W
  • Amperage : 13 A
  • Protection index : 24
  • Number of levels : 12 levels of shelves
  • Loading option : 6 GN1/1 H65mm or 4 GN1/1 H100mm

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