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"Sherpa L17" insulated box - Without tap Maximize

"Sherpa L17" insulated box - Without tap


A line with 3 capacities (5, 10 and 17 litres) to meet every need for the service of hot or cold drinks, with or without tap. Plus: (removable) stainless steel drum which prevents flavours, smells and distortions due to the heat.

Box fitted with a stainless steel drum with airtight cover: no odours or flavours and optimised cleaning (in machine).

Our insulated containers comply with French standard NF EN 12571 and with the French applicable legislation, in particular the order dated July 1st 1998 and the decree n°2007-1791 which sets the technical and hygiene conditions for the transport of foodstuffs. They can be used for transport over a distance of up to 80 kilometres, with no break of bulk.

  • L x D x H overall : 316 x 604 x 437 mm
  • Net weight : 10 kg
  • Loading option : 17 l

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